Monday, 4 September 2017

Jewel of the month: Nomsa

Ola Jewels,

It has been a minute hey, I sincerely apologize for not posting in a long time, I started working so right now I am still trying to get used to the "world of work" and I am working on a whole lot of new things, which you awesome beings will find out about closer to the time. I will try my best to post more often :).

I am pleased to announce that this month's Jewel is Nomsa Mhlontlo, the co-founder of Healthy Hair Essentials. She is such a wonderful loving soul, who most definitely inspires me in so many ways. 

Today Nomsa will be sharing her hair story with us! 

      Why did you go natural?
I had healthy relaxed hair until a very bad experience with hair dye but I believe that the bad experience was mostly my fault. After dyeing my hair, I had no idea I was supposed to give it extra care e.g. deep condition frequently. Soon my hair started breaking and I had no idea why. This led to the decision to start over and it was the best decision ever.  
      How long have you been natural?
4 years

     What hair type are you or do you not consider it of importance?
My hair type is mostly 4C and I have some 4B at the back. I use hair typing mainly to find other naturals with my hair type but I don’t think it’s of importance.

     What do you love about your natural hair?
I love my kinky texture and I love the volume as well as the density. I also love that it attracts attention once in a while.

      Have you received any negative comments about your natural hair?
I went natural when it wasn’t so popular in South Africa so a lot of people including family did not understand why I went natural. Most negative comments were about why I cut my long relaxed hair.

The founders of Healthy Hair Essentials (Mbally, Nomvula and Nomsa) and I.

       Did you face any trouble concerning your natural hair in the workplace?
I used to work in a very corporate environment and the few times I wore my hair out I would receive a lot of positive comments from all races and genders. Once a senior commented on my hair looking “wild” but I just ignored them.

     Do you think it is important for our daughters to embrace their natural hair?
I think it’s extremely important. Growing up we were never given the option to embrace our natural hair because our parents were uneducated about maintaining natural hair, relaxer was a quick fix. Now that we have been empowered with the knowledge of maintaining natural hair we should allow our daughters to embrace their natural hair.

        I often struggle with dry hair what is your moisture retention routine?
I find that regular deep conditioning with heat assists with moisture retention. Every time I wash my hair I deep condition unless I’m very busy. I also make sure to moisturise my hair properly using the LOC or LCO method plus my hair is in medium twists most of the time so I think that also assists in moisture retention.

       How does one build up a regimen? In actual fact what is a regimen?
I think is it’s important to keep it simple. Sometimes we become inundated with different methods from other naturals and want to try a lot of different products and techniques without first figuring out what works for our hair. We end up spending hours and hours on hair.  I would describe a regimen as a schedule or routine of hair care steps that are performed on a regular basis to promote healthy hair. It involves planning when you wash, deep condition, protective style ect. Do what works for you.

      Your hair is healthy and long, please give us tips on how to get our hair full and thick and what helps yours grow.
Believe it or not I actually have thin strands but they are very dense which means that my scalp is full of hair. Hair grows naturally everyday but if you do not retain length you won’t see growth. People think only products play a role in hair growth but hair techniques play a bigger role e.g. keeping hair moisturized, low manipulation, sleeping with a satin scarf or pillow case, using a t-shirt vs a towel for drying. I use natural oils and butters on my hair and try not to manipulate my hair often and I think this has led to me being able to retain length. Lately I feel like my hair has reached a plateau and that could be due to genetics.

       Is protective styling important?
Protective styling is very important to promote length retention but choosing the right protective styles is also important. Choosing protective styles that pull the edges or not maintaining proper hair care under a protective style and after taking down the style can counteract efforts to retain length.

       Favourite natural hair products?
Healthy Hair Essentials are my favourite products 😊 I’m not as big on natural hair products as I used to be. I enjoy a bit of DIY but Afro Botanics have been my day 1 products. For styling, Design Essentials.

      How often do you cut your hair?
Every time I moisturize/wash/detangle my hair I have sheer scissors next to me and I can get a little scissor happy. I’m very impatient when it comes to knots so I’m always snipping them off. Other than that, I only trim my ends when detangling becomes a mission, when I have split ends and if my ends are thinning.

      Do you straighten your hair with a flat iron? If not why?
I have never straightened my hair with a flat iron but I have blow dried it a couple of times. I guess I’m scared of my hair not reverting if I flat iron.

        How do you/would you respond to people that asks you these questions?
-          Can I touch your hair?
Yes. I don’t mind people touching my hair if there are no bad intentions.
-          Is that you real hair?
Of course! I get asked this often and always respond with a big smile.
-          Your hair is coarse!
I have never come a across this comment but I would respond “That’s how I like it!”
-          Do you ever comb your hair?
-          Only when I detangle. And this is the honest truth, I take no offense.
-          Why do people make natural hair such a big fuss?
Because their mindset is a result of years of bombardment of relaxed hair and certain types of images through social media of what beauty is. They just need to be educated about natural hair so that they can embrace it.

     Tell me who Nomsa is and what she stands for!
Nomsa is a strong, hardworking, driven and giving young woman still finding her feet and trying to make her mark in the world. She stands for integrity, love and respect.

      Favourite quote or scripture.
“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” George Eliot

Nomsa with the co-founders(Nomvula and Mbali) of Healthy Hair essentials at the launch of their oils and butter line

 How do people get hold of you?
On facebook Nomsa Mhlontlo, on Instagram @nomsa_mh. I also have a facebook page Heathly Hair Essentials and Instagram @hhenaturals where we sell pure, natural oils and butters for hair and skin as well as share hair care tips.

       Do you consider yourself a jewel, why?
I definitely consider myself a jewel because I am all about positivity, uplifting others and making a difference. That is quite rare (smile). 

God Bless