Friday, 2 June 2017


Hey Jewels

Jewel in Vee has a new segment called "Jewel of the week" and "Natural Jewel of the week", where I ask someone a few questions about what being a Jewel means to them. 

Today's Jewel is Kekeletso "Keke" Mosehle,a gorgeous, friendly and humble 21 year old student all the way from Botshabelo, Free State. She is the founder of ReclaimYouSA and the a firm believer in self-acceptance! 
Let's get into it...

   What is your definition of beauty?

According to me, beauty is knowing who you are. Accepting and loving yourself completely and unconditionally. Not comparing yourself to others and embracing your imperfections.

   When you look in the mirror, who or what do you see staring back at you?

LOL. I see a survivor, a fighter, honestly, a warrior.

When I look in the mirror I see two people in one body. The first one is a little girl, scarred and bruised, still bleeding and still hurting. And the second one is a young fearless, brave, confident, courageous, free and beautiful woman. I see peace and love, an African sister who’s just hungry for her voice to be heard.

     What do you love about yourself?
The fighter and dreamer in me is what I love most about myself. I love the fact that I always see the good in others and always want others to realize that which is good about themselves and the potential they have. I love how I always strive for peace and happiness and also how I never easily give up on things I really want. I love the go-getter in me.

   Do you have a self-love/acceptance story? If so please do share!

I have come to realize that most of the young girls or women are not who they really are, I would say, and I may be wrong, but I think about 90-95% of the females live their lives under pretense. Which I find really sad, and this is because I was once that girl who never really accepted herself or rather always compared herself to other girls who seemed way perfect than her. It was only after deciding to embark on a journey to self-discovery that I got to meet myself on a deeper level.

   Any advice for women/girls who are struggling with the same insecurities/problems you faced?

The advice I would give young girls/women is to challenge themselves, to get on and explore this journey of self-discovery, to dare to love and accept themselves unconditionally because if they continue to compare themselves and seek validation from the society and world, they will never be good enough. I would advise them to stop defining themselves based on other people’s opinions of them because to others, there will always be something wrong or too much, there will always be something that needs to be fixed. But I feel it’s only right to warn them that such a journey is a very tough one and needs guts!

   Who or what helped you overcome your insecurities?
Being tired of being ashamed. It was when I asked myself the question “WHO AM I?” that I was forever wanting to find answers to that. Moreover, it was in strongly wanting to know what exactly my strengths were, that I was slowly able to bury my insecurities. Again, I feel it was the pain that I constantly felt that made me want to get over the little things that stopped me from getting or being where I wanted. Then again there was my mother. She played a big role in helping me accept myself.

1 What is your favourite quote/scripture?
My favorite scripture is Luke 10:19 which reads “Listen, I have given you the strength and authority to walk on snakes and scorpions and overcome all the power of the devil and nothing will hurt you”.

This scripture or verse has gotten me through so many of life’s challenges. Every time I come across any challenge or start to feel defeated it reminds me that I am a winner in Christ, that anything that aims at stopping me from shinning is already defeated and that all I need to do is to unlock and make use of the authority that I have been blessed with. That all I need to do is to speak life and fight hard especially in Prayer.

     You began the movement ReclaimYouSA, please tell us what it is about?
ReclaimYouSA is a movement or more of an initiative which was founded on 11th January 2017. It aims at motivating and inspiring young girls/women to be the best they can be and also aims at reminding them of their worth. It’s all about reminding women that they are what as well as who they believe and see themselves as. And most importantly that they are BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY THEY ARE AND SHOULD NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR UNIQUENESS!

   What encouraged you to start ReclaimYouSA?

What mostly encouraged me to start ReclaimYouSA is my awareness of the way in which the media and society had so much influence on how I viewed myself. For example, as a girl you are not expected to be too thin or fat and that you have to be flawless in order to be seen as beautiful just to name a few. This I realized, after finding and embracing my uniqueness, that it is something that had a negative impact not only on my life and perspective I had of myself but possibly, also on the lives of many other young girls out there. It was in surviving many things including depression, low self-esteem and self-doubt that I found it my task to share my story. Because I already went through so much and somehow saved myself, I then realized some of the issues we go through, especially us women are not easily detectable  and knew that there could be thousands of other girls out there who think that their lives are at the verge of ending and needed saving, hence the rise of ReclaimYou.

     Why should women follow ReclaimYouSA?

ReclaimYou is all about saving lives, specifically helping women survive and save themselves from the small voice of negativity that often intimidates and hinders them from reaching their full potential. It is more of a gateway for women to realize that they have the power to save themselves from slavery and submission to negativity, insecurities and doubt.

You are a naturalista, would you say it plays a role in your self-love journey?

Being a naturalista has made me realize the joy that comes with embracing and accepting yourself just the way you are. It has boosted my confidence and made me realize that I am beautiful just the way I am. Not that I have anything against make-up and artificials but accepting and embracing the natural side of me has totally made me realize that I am free in my own skin.

     If you were to change one thing in the world what would it be?

It would definitely be the manner in which most young women devalue themselves. How we as women look down on one another and how we constantly seek validation from the world in order to be confident in who we are.

     During my journey, I had my songs and books that helped me through the process, which song/book would you say helped you get through the process/motivated you?

Alessia Cara-Scars To Your Beautiful

Every girl should listen to the song. It played a huge role in helping me become the self- loving, confident and unapologetic young woman I am today.

   How can people get in contact with you?

FB:Kekelesto Kay Mosehle

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Facebook: @ReclaimYouSA
Instagram: ReclaimYouSa

"I would have to say my life, my scars. It’s in my experiences, pain and adversaries that I got to discover the warrior in me. What I also believe makes me a jewel is the level of resilience in me and my considerate heart."- Kekelesto Mosehle
God Bless